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Happy Strong Beer Month!

And so it begins — we stampede into 28 days of craft beer madness
with the kickoff of the 12th annual Strong Beer Month. Eleven months
out of the year we talk your ears off about the merits of balance, subtly,
nuance, session-ability...then we do a 180º, hitting you over the head with
six high-octane, very limited-release beers and sending you down to the
21st Amendment Brewery to try six more.

Like many questionable ideas, it started over a beer with Shaun O'Sullivan,
commiserating about a slow February back in 2002. The following year,
Strong Beer Month was born and we pulled out all the stops to overflow
our mash tuns, cajole our yeast into fermenting high gravity worts, figure
out food pairings that hold up to glass after glass of over-the-top-ness,
and, most importantly, try to convince a few people to visit our brewpubs
in February.

It worked. And it was a lot of fun. And still is, maybe more than ever. Along
the way, a co-conspirator joined our ranks, the one and only Schweick
(Eric Schweickert), who convinced us, Nico Freccia, and our brewers that
dressing up in funny clothes, subjecting ourselves to a day of photography,
and letting him put his amazing digital design and editing skills to good use
spoofing various meaningful rock albums of our youth was a good idea.
Exhibit A:

Strong Beer Month 2014

Both pubs are ready for what has become something of a local beer
institution of an event, and we couldn't be more excited to do it all over again.
Six special beers await you at each brewpub:

Rye Rye Rocco- Rye Brown Ale- 8.8%
Let It Rauch- German-influenced Smoked Beer- 8.1%
Promised Land Imperial IPA- Imperial (Double) IPA- 11.2%
Smokestack Lightning Imperial Stout- Imperial Stout- 9.7%
Quadlibet For Tenderfeet- Belgian Abbey-style Quadrupel 8.0%
Old Thunderpussy Barleywine- Barleywine- 10.6%

21st Amendment
Framboise Forte d'Or - Belgian-style Raspberry Golden Ale - 10.2%
Dub Step - Imperial IPA - 10.2%
Beast of Burden - American-Belgo Imperial IPA - 9.9%
Red Titan - Giant Red Ale - 12.8%
Bike Lane Hopper - Imperial Black IPA - 9.6%
Hendrik's Imperial Stout - Imperial Stout - 9.3%

Pick up a "ticket" and get it punched for each beer you order at either
brewery. Collect all 12 punches and keep the commemorative glass.
Food pairings await you and there will be other events, tastings, and
more as the month goes on. Beers and the glass are good while supplies last
and, whatever you do, please drink responsibly.

Strong Beer Month